Lost in Tibet
Tibet is in the throes of a social and environmental revolution, dictated by a peculiarly Han definition of progress. This elegaic piece tells - in words, sounds and pictures - the story of a ten-day trip to the Roof of the World, beginning with the epic 45-hour rail journey from Beijing to Lhasa. Watch
Stuck in the Corner of a Shanghai Elevator
A Guide To Guidebook Writing
It’s possible to believe that writing a guidebook represents an eviable vocation. I attempt to add a touch of nuance with an intimate account of the occasionally-thrilling, sometimes-wretched ten weeks spent researching in Shanghai. Watch
Stuck in the Corner of a Shanghai Elevator
China Moods
An assortment of images that span the length and breadth of China, depicting different facets of the country's architecture, landscapes and people. (Music: Xuan Ke, Du (Flute Solo) © Naxi Concert Orchestra) Watch
Qingxin Hot Spring Resort, Guangdong province